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Wha is attributes?

Attributes are the characteristics of a image.  One type of attribute is Typographic Attributes. This type of  attribute refers to font, leading, and etc.  Thier is another called Artistic attirbute which relates to color.

Drop Shadow

A graphic behind another graphic.This allows a graphic to look like it has a shadow. A default shadow color is black.

Why do you think color in design is important? Write at least 3 sentences in your paragraph.

Color is important for many reasons. Color allows your image to be unique. For example for a warm feeling you would use red, orange, and yellow. For a holiday color ( like christmas) you would use red, green, and white.

This is a warm feeling that you can feel due to the color.

This image allows you to know its a christmas theme by the colors. The colors are allowing you to know it is a holiday.

How to stack?

Tacking allows you to overlap objects.You can move over lapped objects. This helps you make a professional image.

What is a gradient?

A gradient is a blend between two more colors. It is a way to allow more color and detail to a object(s). A gradient depends on its start and ending points.

Kerning is used to mess with the space between two characters. While tracking is used to insert space between two characters.  Although these are different they are very important. They allow you to make your images to look more proffesional. Also they help you get that design you want.